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Why don’t farts

Q: Why don’t farts graduate from high school?
A: Because they always end up getting expelled!

Fart under your blanket

Don’t you hate it when you fart under your blanket, lift your foot to air it out but instead you unintentionally lift the other end of the blanket and get the full load in your face?

Fart in public

Next time you need to fart in public, say this….
“Do I smell popcorn?” Then watch everyone take a deep breath and fart.

Laugh at farts

You don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts but you have to be stupid not to.
Louis CK

A man usually

A man has usually no idea how often he normally farts. That is, until he spends 24 hours with a girl he likes.

Feel the pain

It is better to fart and feel the shame than hold and feel the pain. 🙂

Just fart

If people are talking behind your back, then just fart.

Love is like a fart

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Love is like a fart.
If you have to force it, it’s probably a crap.

That awkward moment

That awkward moment when you think you do a silent fart and it comes out like a machine gun.


Fart when people hug you. It makes them feel strong.

Kids are like farts

Kids are like farts. You don’t mind your own, but other peoples are unbearable.


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